Ulf Mattson

Ulf Mattsson is the Chief Technology Officer of Security Solutions at Atlantic BT, and earlier at Compliance Engineering. Ulf was the Chief Technology Officer and a founder of Protegrity. He invented the Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization, Data Type Preservation (DTP2) and created the initial architecture of Protegrity’s database security technology. Prior to Protegrity, Ulf worked 20 years at IBM in software development and in IBM’s Research organization, in the areas of IT Architecture and Security, and received a US Green Card of class ‘EB 11 – Individual of Extraordinary Ability’ after endorsement by IBM. Ulf is the inventor of more than 45 patents in the areas of Encryption, Policy Driven Data Encryption, Internal Threat Protection, Data Usage Control and Intrusion Prevention.

Subject: Uncover Data Security Blind Spots in your Cloud, Big Data & DevOps Environment
Learning outcomes from presentation:

• Current trends in Cyber attacks
• FFIEC Cyber Assessment Toolkit
• NIST Cybersecurity Framework principles
• Security Metrics
• Oversight of third parties
• How to measure cybersecurity preparedness
• Automated approaches to integrate Security into DevOps