Cybersecurity Manager at Cognizant Technology Consulting

For several years Julie has been studying the jihadist movement and the rise of anonymization and encryption techniques in the Middle East. She is the author of a book about the revolutions in several of these countries. Senior Cybersecurity Auditor during the day, and Researcher at night, Julie has spent years conducting research on issues of geopolitical and hacking on international conflicts.

Subject: Dashboards

Paper Abstract
“Dashboards: How we Create Insecurity trying to do Security”

  • Dashboards are today very badly used, it is easy to perceive it in organizational audit or in CISO support mission.
  • Be “compliant”, protecting the company from financial losses by providing results to insurers and not protecting the company from attacks is the new way to do security.
  • Workers are constantly being asked for numbers. Those information are concatenated, absorbed, reconcatenated, etc … the more one goes up in the hierarchy.
  • In the end, security issues are totally drowned and other problems, which are more evident, are given priority in terms of processing.
  • I propose an analysis of the practices and issues as well as recommendations for a new and more secure governance with a methodology based on ITIL methodology an ISO27001 standards.