Senior Security Analyst at United Airlines

Dr. Christine Izuakor is a Senior Security Analyst at United Airlines. In this role, she is responsible for managing numerous security functions from network vulnerability management to negotiating legal aspects of data security for contracts across the enterprise.

Christine earned a Ph.D. in security engineering from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, becoming the youngest and first African American woman to do so at the university. Her research focuses on critical infrastructure security and has been published in several international journals, including the International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Dr. Izuakor’s original contributions to the security industry have also been presented in international conferences from Washington, DC to Rome, Italy. Dr. Izuakor also completed a master’s degree in information systems security from University of Houston in 2012 and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Dr. Izuakor is also active in the diversity and inclusion community. She is a co-founder and the Vice President of GenTrend, United Airlines’ Millennial business resource group, serves as the Head Editor of the Illinois Diversity Council Editorial Board, is a member of the National Diversity Council Newsletter Committee, and volunteers as a cyber-security mentor with Year Up.

A first-generation Nigerian in America, native Houstonian, and Chicago resident, Dr. Izuakor appreciates travelling and learning about different cultures. She has visited over 20 countries in the last 4 years and blogs about her travel experiences online.

Paper Abstract
“Legal Implications of Cyber Security: ‘I am my third party’s keeper'”

With security breaches on a constant rise, often toting price tags topping millions of dollars, organizations are scrambling to establish cyber security management programs in prevention of becoming the next headline. Furthermore, a recent research study published by Ponemon Institute, found that 34% of survey respondents incurred a data breach that was caused by a cyber-attack against one of their vendors.

We are learning that it’s not just our own security we must be concerned of, but the security of our contractors and connected third parties as well. This talk will give insight into how organizations can integrate cyber security concepts into legal negotiations for better protection against cyber security risks relating to third parties.