Chase Norlin

CEO of Transmosis

Chase Norlin, the CEO of Transmosis, is a highly-regarded speaker on workforce development in the cybersecurity and IT industries. Chase Norlin has 15 years of industry experience. Previously, Norlin was the founder and CEO of Emerge Digital Group (EDG), named the 8th fastest growing company in America and the #1 fastest growing company in Silicon Valley by Inc. Magazine, based on revenue growth. EDG was a holding company for a portfolio of digital marketing businesses that Norlin founded and grew to $50mm in revenue within three years.

A veteran of the Internet industry, Norlin developed Sony’s first online photo sharing venture, founded the first online video sharing company, and served as new venture consultant in launching Boeing’s online media licensing division.

Chase Norlin has been honored with the following awards:
Inc 500, #1 Fastest Growing Company in Silicon Valley
Inc 500, #2 Fastest Growing Company in California
Inc 500, #2 Fastest Growing Company in Advertising/Marketing
Inc 500, #8 Fastest Growing Company in America
Time Magazine’s Top 50 Companies

Presentation Abstract
Technology is accelerating the transformation of every major American industry. Unfortunately, our labor force has not changed along with it and American workers are left out of this amazing (r)evolution.

Our workforce needs to be cutting edge and adaptable. Both employees and employers are facing significant challenges:

  • The “robotization” of many jobs,
  • Increasing international workforce competition,
  • The disruption and transformation of industries as a result of new technology,
  • Workforce discrimination, and the need to acquire new skills and training to be relevant in our New Economy.
Learning outcomes from presentation

In this session these issues will be addressed and what needs to happen. Learn the story behind Transmosis Corporation, a mission-driven workforce intermediary that provides technology training, externship, and placement services to public workforce systems, educational institutions, State and Federal governments.