Event Details

The International Cyber Security and Intelligence Conference (ICSIC) provides a rare opportunity for security professionals, researchers, academics, management, executives and eligible students to learn from renowned experts in the field on various cyber-attack and intelligence topics.

Speakers Selection

ICSIC features distinguished speakers and leaders in cyberspace, privacy, law, national critical infrastructure, cyber careers for Millennials, ethical hacking, intelligence, Internet of Things, National safety and many more. Each speaker is highly respected in their area of expertise and the mix of the speakers’ diversity substantiates the global effect of the cyber space.

Style and Sessions

Overall, ICSIC comprises solid, insightful, revelatory and informative plenary sessions, panel and concurrent sessions, each dispensing latest, and current trends on cyber security, intelligence, privacy and host of other related topics. Attendees are advised to select their options from the pool of topics available during their online registration.

International Audience

Participants are expected from across the world to attend ICSIC. Cyber security remains a global issue, hence global participation is required to learn about the critical steps that public and private institutions must adopt and adapt into their overall business strategy to prevent cyber catastrophe.

Exhibition, Networking, Awards and Reception

Organizations are invited to leverage on the cross-sector presence of professionals and businesses to showcase their products and services. Each exhibitor will have the opportunity to have their name listed on the digital conference details. Official networking and reception will take place on the final day of the conference. This will be a time to mingle with other professionals for career or business opportunities.

Recognition of outstanding and distinguished cybersecurity and intelligence professionals in various categories ranging from major projects, rescue operations, cyber defense, cyber counter-terrorism, national safety, credentials/certifications, research, academics, discoveries, innovation and invention would be the highlight of day two.

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